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Uncle Remus (DE)

A great modern original blues band based on the best of the tradition. Soulful, sexy and highly energetic...

-Joseph Parsons

Jeffrey Amankwa sounds like Muddy Waters and Aretha Franklins secret lovechild.

-Kai Strauss

Bandfoto Uncle Remus 2 Smaller.jpg

A great mixture of blues, rock and soul — that’s what Uncle Remus play, allthough the five musicians don't come from the Mississippi Delta, but from the German Rhineland. A feeling of John Mayer, Steely Dan and Stevie Ray Vaughan can unmistakable be heard in the band’s songs.


Singer Jeffrey Amankwa, who started out as a street musician, has already been on tour with Bobby McFerrin and Xaver Fischer (formerly in Birth Control) and as a singer in the Kai Strauss Band. Tom Plötzer has made a name for himself as a keyboarder and pianist, he is a member of music productions such as Starlight Express and Bodyguard and is a permanent member of Bröselmaschine and the Peter Bursch All Star Band. Frank Herbort, whose roots lie in rock and pop music of the 70s and 80s, is currently a permanent sideman at Joel Brandenstein. Drummer Sven Hansen is a member of the Joseph Parsons Band, live drummer with Eko Fresh and the Goodfellas. His repertoire ranges from rock to hip hop to jazz. Together with the fantastic playing and singing bassist Simon Cohnitz, the two lay the foundation as a rhythm section.


Uncle Remus enjoy performing music and they easily transfer that joy to their audience, be it live on stage or on their debut record, which has consistently received good reviews.






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