Photo: Freddi Lubitz

Ross Bellenoit (USA) Electric Guitar & Vocals

Sven Hansen (DE) Drums

Freddi Lubitz (DE) Bass & Vocals

Joseph Parsons (US) Vocals & Guitars

JPB is a kick-ass Rock band that at times feels like a Roots Rock, Jam, Pop or a Singer Songwriter band. The guys have collectively traversed the world playing music and bringing stellar original music to the masses. Always a highlight of the concert club & festival circuit, JPB continues to release new studio & live CD’s.

The band has been together since 2008 and has a powerful brotherhood on stage.

As an extraordinary & emotive live act, JPB brings audiences a rare glimpse of a compelling, evolving artists in motion.

“Experienced dealer in emotions”

Uncut Magazine (UK)


“Dynamic, intense & intoxicating"

Radio Bremen (DE)