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Bet Williams is a fearless vocalist and dynamic performer whose four-octave-range voice has mesmerized audiences across America and Europe.

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Doghouse Roses (UK, Glasgow)

One of Scotland’s most acclaimed pairings, Iona MacDonald and Paul Tasker excel in delivering songs which are intimate and warm, MacDonald’s honeyed voice complemented Tasker’s superb picking skills.


Joseph Parsons Band/Solo/Duo (USA, DE)

As an extraordinary & emotive live act, Joseph Parsons brings audiences a rare glimpse of a compelling, evolving artist in motion. Parsons is an outlier in his view of the human experience. His songwriting and recordings have mirrored this by delivering a stellar discography.


Julian Dawson Solo (UK)

The likeable British recorded over 20 solo albums, he played in Iain Matthews' band and worked in the band Can's Cologne recording studio, had some of his CDs produced by E Street Band bassist Garry Tallent in the USA. He produced Wolfgang Niedecken's solo album and played with BAP, was in the top ten with "Luckiest Man In The Western World". His trademark is the harmonica, he himself describes his style as a mixture of pop, folk, country and blues.


Since the release of his first album, Echo Park, in 2001, Swiss artist, Reto Burrell has skillfully manage to blend rock, pop, country, folk and blues into a style of Americana that is all his own.


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Scott Bricklin by Andrea Furlan-9511-250

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TLH BestNorwayPhoto.jpeg

Born in Texas, widely acknowledged as being one of the godfathers of the Seattle scene and currently a resident in Marseille, Hale has been releasing albums for more than three decades. Hale’s work is stubborn and transcendent of genres and deeply evocative in a way that only a true original can be.


Todd Thibaud is a Vermont born, Boston based Singer-Songwriter who’s songs are a slice of what life is really like...the pains and pleasures, love lost and life reborn. Using songwriters like Elvis Costello, Neil Finn, Johnny Cash and John Hiatt for inspiration, Thibaud has built a sound that is entirely his own. His music is meshed with elements of Americana, Folk, Country and Roots Pop Rock, making it seem at once familiar and new.

UR-Bandfoto Uncle Remus 2 Smaller.jpg

Uncle Remus play a fine mixture of blues, rock and soul. Influences from John Mayer, Steely Dan and Stevie Ray Vaughan are unmistakable in the German band's own songs. You can tell that the five musicians enjoy playing their music — and effortlessly they pass this on to the audience live


US Rails (USA)

US RAILS continue their successful journey:  Ben Arnold, Scott Bricklin, Tom Gillam and Matt Muir made a conscious effort to open the gates and let their rock n’ roll horses run free. The catchy songs and entertaining shows are the capital of the four songwriters who are touring worldwide.

Water Sand-1-1600.jpg

Water and Sand, a project of Veteran American singer-songwriters Kim Taylor and Todd Thibaud. 'Catching Light' is their sophomore project on Blue Rose Records and was recorded in Cincinnati at Old St. Luke's church near the Ohio river. Their songs and harmonizing voices conclude in wonderful concerts - or, better said: emotional experiences.

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